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Because AFRICASTYLE is the Direct Producer of all Covering materials and supporting frames - either metal or wooden ones -and can count on a distribution capacity as well as designing skill

Is AFRICA STYLE a certified company?

Yes indeed. AFRICA STYLE has obtained from RINA the certificate as a qualified company for the production of structural components and kits for steel constructions Nr. 0474-CPR-1946 (EN 1090). Furthermore, it has obtained from the CNR the certificate as a qualified company for the production and processing of wooden elements of Eucaliptus grandis Nr. 05/21-L (Production) and 22/21-CL (Processing Center), according to the Technical Standards Construction of 2018

How many types of covering are there?

AFRICASTYLE is the Direct Producer of all Covering materials. These can be Naturals: Cape Reed (Southafrica), Makuti (Kenya), Eucalyptus grandis (Mpumalanga); and the same, in Synthetic version. Materials are made in Modular format, for a quick and easy installation and are, in most cases, perfectly interchangeable on the very same frame.

Why a natural material for a shady covering?

Because its shadow grants the ideal microclimate for people's health and wellness, up to - 6/8° respectful the outside temperature (based on a Mediterranean climate experience)

Which is the difference between South african Cape reed and the ordinary straw?

South african Cape reed main feature is having a wooden internal "soul" of diameter around 2mm, which makes it more strong and flexible respectful the ordinary empty and fragile straw

Advantages of tile with clips?

Easy to assemble and disassemble, wind-resistance (thanks to the rotation allows on the round supporting metal bar), and being not considered in terms of cubic meters for volume calculation pourpose (it's easy to be removed)

How long can last a natural covering?

In a mediterranean climate, average last of Cape reed is around 8/10 years, for Makuti 6/8 years. Should tiles being removed during winter seasons, even more. Eucalyptus - thanks to the pressure treated treatment for outdoor, can last even more than 10 years

Is it possible to make the covering water - resistant?

Yes, it is. For naturals, simply inclination and a shorter distance in between rows can grant up to 95-98% water-resistancy. Should a 100% waterproof covering be required, we reccomend a roof package where synthetic roof cladding can be installed over. For Eucalyptus, it's possible to insert a transparent barrier in the middle of two layers of covering materials

Is it possible to make natural Cape reed fire-retardant?

Yes, it is. Ask your Africa Style consultant for more details

Why AFRICASTYLE is the ideal Partner for the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Cafè?

Because we know your requirements and we grow with you. You can start with a small size of one of our modular and extensible frames (ideal for first season) and then expand it with additional modules and the relevant covering materials. Moreover, the exotic look always evokes a relaxing holiday atmosphere that Customer search and appreciate. And up grading the place will always grant a return on investment

Why AFRICASTYLE is the ideal Partner for a Dealer?

Because, a part from being Direct Producer of Coverin materials, Frames and Poles, we always work with the aim of optimizing logistic and timing. Containers constantly arrive from our manufacturing unit, located in the very authentic sourcing sites of the materials, granting stock in Italy as well as in Southafrica

Why AFRICASTYLE is the ideal Partner for a Park?

Because we are the only one in the world to offer the perfect thematized materials as Direct Producer, together with our designing skill and professional installation team, which allow us to provide also the full design-build service

Who will be in charge of the installation?

All AFRICASTYLE kit are based on a do-it-yourself concept. For major frame, we provide specific installation guide, so eventually a brief supervision may be needed. However, our professional installation team is ready to build any of our Projects