The Garden not only as an extension of one's home or a building, but a true expression of those who live thereWhether it is the private space in which to retreat, the area used as a banquet for resorts and restaurants, or the green area dedicated to a community, garden landscaping will be the process through which to make one's wishes come true. In this, AFRICA STYLE helps individuals and professionals to realize the natural ideal - or exotic, the choice is yours - of their own outdoor. Thanks to the modularity of natural materials, it will be quick and easy to transform the dream you have been cultivating for a long time, customizing your garden with our DIY kits and coverings. If, on the other hand, the request is customized by size and type, AFRICA STYLE - a company certified for the Production of elements for structural use and Wood Working, can provide consultancy in the design and deliver the project prepared for installation. Eucalyptus grandis wood in all the beauty of the irregular diameter, and authentic natural materials - possibly also available in synthetic version - such as the South African Cape reed and the Makuti coconut leaf from Kenya, will make your outdoor a real eden.